Ba Shu Ren Jia

4771 Steeles Ave. E.

(416) 335-0788


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Ba Shu Ren Jia

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The service is horrible and it only takes cash, but Ba Shu sells the best Szechuan food around. The sautéed pea greens are barely wilted micro-leaves, while the outrageously tender pork shreds bathed in chili oil with garlic and green onion come with cabbage shreds and bamboo shoots for bite. The gung pao chicken marries toasted peanuts with sweet red and green peppers in fragrant sauce made sweet from much onion. And the tea shrimp combines fabulous deep-fried oolong tea leaves (a crisp, fragrant wallop to the taste buds) with the soft, sweet savour of flash-fried sweet shrimps in the shell.